How The Public Sector Can Benefit From Using Interim Staff


If you need specialist talent and your organisation operates within the public sector, you may not have realised that hiring contract workers is a viable option for you. In fact, contractors can be an ideal way to fill key vacancies across a range of capabilities, including administrative and office roles, as well as highly specialised technical positions. A contractor, or, simply put, a professional brought in to work a temporary contract, can provide impressive benefits to your organisation, making this recruitment option one that’s well worth exploring.


The Benefits Of Contract Workers


Contractors are an excellent way to solve a recruitment problem, particularly in cases where technical skills are required in order to complete a key project, such as a digital transformation. Hiring a permanent employee with this kind of expertise is a particular challenge for public sector bodies, who must not only combat a national shortage of such talent but also compete with private companies who can often offer far higher salaries.

In choosing a contractor for such roles, public sector organisations can pay for just the work they need and avoid the delay that often accompanies a traditional recruitment process. Furthermore, many organisations find that by using contractors, they actually have the chance to see if a person is a good fit before offering them a permanent position on their team.

When done right, using contractors in the public sector can be a win-win for both organisations and their employees. For example: The incentive of working with an independent professional means they will have greater flexibility when it comes to making decisions on job assignments or changing business needs; while also helping foster knowledge sharing between permanent staff members who may not always have time off work because there’s no one to replace them


What To Ask Your Contractor


Of course, it makes sense to do some due diligence before hiring a contractor. Taking the time to ask some key questions can greatly increase your chances of hiring the right person for the job. Find out if the candidate has any prior experience of working on identical or at least very similar projects or tasks, and ask if they have any evidence of results that they have delivered for previous employers. Check that they have the necessary qualifications or clearances, too. By doing so, you can help to avoid the risk of bringing in someone who will be unable to carry out the work you need, sending you back to square one.

Another simple way to ensure that you bring in the right contractor is to partner with the specialists in interim recruitment.

At Data Careers, we have plenty of experience of the demands of public sector contracting, which enables us to match the ideal candidate to each placement.

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