Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAaaS) – More than just recruitment.


It’s an unquestionable truth that your most valuable resources are your employees. However substantial your assets and investment, without a skilled, loyal team around you, the heights of success will elude you. That’s why hiring effectively is vital to your continued prosperity. Today, recruitment has changed beyond recognition. The old model was based on short-term responses to immediate needs. You have a vacancy to fill. The answer? Advertise, sort, select, interview, hire. It was a discrete process with a defined beginning and end. You had two choices. Firstly, manage the entire recruiting process yourself, which always laid you open to the possibility that under pressure to fill the gap, the selection you made was not the right one. Secondly, appoint a recruitment consultancy to take the job off your hands, trusting in their experience and expertise to deliver the right solution.

You may have heard the phrase ‘talent acquisition’ and wondered in passing what this new construction means. It sounds like recruiting, but it is an entirely different animal. The most forward-thinking businesses are starting to understand the value of human resources planning as a long-term strategy to sustain and promote growth. This form of hiring takes a far more flexible approach to recruitment based on the notion that attracting talent is a broad and continuing process designed with long-term goals always in mind.

At DataCareers, we offer Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAaaS), which means that we can advise you on how to take the leap from traditional reactive staff resourcing to this new, proactive, holistic model. We will analyse the fundamental commercial imperatives of your business and how these impact on your hiring needs. We will show you the many benefits of TAaaS, such as the power of networking to keep your company connected within your industry through physical events as well as online networks. This will increase the rate of referrals you can expect, which is one of the best sources of high-quality talent. Crucial too are the indispensable pathways of social media, particularly LinkedIn but also Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Underpinning all of this activity is the importance of establishing and maintaining your brand as that of a truly desirable employer. If you can build your reputation as the place to be, then the best talent in the industry will come knocking. This new model goes further, because it also recognises the importance of retention. Losing a valuable team member is always a blow, but too many employers fail to understand what makes someone leave. According to research published in the US, 89% of employers think people quit for more money, while the truth is that only 12% leave for this reason. [1]

Acquiring the talent is half the battle, but keeping it is the rest. This means you need to create a culture and environment that motivates, appreciates and rewards, where employees trust and believe in their leaders and feel their best career prospects are within your business. Our TAaaS offering includes a nine-point programme of support and guidance, including advice on diversity and inclusion, market insights and data analytics for the purposes of resource planning, and the provision of dedicated teams which we embed seamlessly into your business. We can help you ensure that you offer at least as much to prospective employees as they offer to you. As experts in sourcing specialists for highly niche sector organisations, their partners and roles across all business areas, DataCareers have pioneered TAaaS. The results for our clients have been impressive. Not only have we helped them drastically to reduce the time and expense of the old recruitment methods, but we have also driven transformative organisational and cultural shifts by establishing a niche talent acquisition service specifically designed to meet the needs of these highly specialised sectors. 

For over twenty years we have delivered huge benefits to our clients, taking control of the hiring process and helping them make the very best hiring decisions. Isn’t it time you found out how a talent acquisition strategy can transform your business? Why not call us on 0330 0977 809 or email info@datacareers.co.uk

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